Our Customers

In addition to a strong base of residential customers, we’re proud to serve many of the most influential and prominent organizations throughout the region. Our customer base includes refineries, gas stations, recycling facilities, schools & school districts, churches, hotels, car dealerships, construction companies, , trucking and logistics firms, aircraft maintenance facilities, insurance providers, law firms… the list is nearly endless!

We also provide wholesale telecommunications services to other area network providers. We provide Internet access and regional transport services to seamlessly extend our partners’ networks where they need to be. We are grateful to have several Information Technology firms & Computer/Network resellers and integrators reselling and recommending our services.

2 thoughts on “Our Customers”

  1. We live one mile north of the yellowstone county line on 87. Would this be a location that you would be able to service.

  2. Hi Jodi. I would like to increase my Mb/s to 5Mb/s. Please call me at 698-2851 when you get this done and when I get home from work I will see how it works.

    Thank you,
    Charlene Krug

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